Combating Toxicity, Harassment, and Abuse in Online Social Spaces: A Workshop at CHI 2023


Workshop Structure

The workshop will contain four blocks of activity, demarcated by coffee breaks and lunch.

Block One: Building Community: To get participants to know who each other are, what they bring to the table, and what our shared group knowledge is.

Block Two: Taking Stock: To collaboratively take stock of where the community is at, in terms of research and practice, and identify the challenges that face us—both as a community and individually.

Block Three: Imagining Solutions: To collaboratively speculate on future technologies, approaches, and solutions.

Block Four: Making Plans: To articulate tangible steps on moving forward in establishing our community.

Workshop Position Papers

Position papers will be published here prior to the workshop.

Attending the Workshop

We are planning a hybrid workshop. Because of the interactive nature of the planned activities, we feel that attendees would benefit from in-person attendance. However, due to ongoing travel restrictions due to pandemic and global mobility issues, we will support participation from those unable to travel.

If you require any accessibility acommodations, please use the contact form to let us know how we can best facilitate your full participation.